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Welcome to Truth Matters Church.  Our mission: to contend for the faith through the expository study of Scripture. 

Scripture is the God-breathed, infallible, and complete revelation of God to human beings, and provides all the insight we need to know God and come to a saving faith in Christ.  It is the responsibility of every believer to carefully examine what God's Word says, study it thoroughly in context, and apply it to our daily lives. 

Our hope is to exhort believers in their walk with Christ through the teaching of Biblical truths and sound doctrine. 


Connect with us through the online teachings or our in-person small fellowship group which meets every Friday at the Pastor's residence in Rocklin, CA.

Expository Bible Teaching

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Friday Night Bible Study: 1st John

Pastor Alex is leading us through a deep-dive expository study in the epistle of 1st John.  Join us each Friday evening as we grow in our understanding of this great letter from the Apostle John.  Video and audio from the study is also posted here and on our podcast platforms each week so you can catch up if you missed a session or simply aren't able to attend live. 


To attend, please email or call the church office for information, including the Zoom link.

To download the handouts for our weekly studies, visit the Resources Page

Upcoming Study

Following our study in John's epistles, Truth Matters Church will launch a comprehensive study through the Apostle John's book of Revelation.  This book is filled with incredibly valuable and relevant information for believers, and many questions about the coming end-times will be answered.  This study may challenge our preconceived notions and ideas about the end times, but as always we'll let Scripture be our guide and allow God's Word to interpret itself.  You'll be amazed to see just how much of the Bible relates to the book of Revelation.  

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