Read the Bible

We've provided an easy way to read the Bible without leaving the site.  Open this page in a new tab for easier access while watching or listening to a podcast or message.  This page is best viewed on a desktop or tablet browser.

Listen to the Word

Listen to the narrated audio Bible for free, courtesy of Blue Letter Bible.

Mobile App

If you're looking for a Bible app for your mobile device, we recommend The Literal Word.  This app is completely free, contains no ads, articles, or distractions, and includes the NASB translation with a Hebrew and Greek 'clickable' concordance.  An excellent resource to have on your phone or tablet!

Printable Bible

Our broadcasting partner, Sermon Audio, offers the Bible in an easy to print-at-home format called the Paperback Bible.  Each page includes a wide-ruled margin for writing notes and journaling. 


This is completely free and we highly encourage you to download a copy for yourself!

While only available in the KJV, we'd suggest this as an option if you prefer to have a completely offline version of the Bible you can mark-up as you study, print and distribute freely, and carry with you easily.  The Paperback Bible is also available for purchase in a spiral-bound printed notebook-style if you prefer not to print the PDF yourself.