The TMC Mission

"Scripture declares that every intent of the human heart is only evil continually. It should be no surprise then that God’s Word and the world are in direct opposition to one another. 


Scripture calls for repentance,

the world calls for unruly living


Scripture calls for forgiveness,

the world calls for vengeance


Scripture calls for humility,

the world calls for boasting in the pride of life


Scripture declares there is only One Way to heaven

the world declares there are many ways – or even no way at all


Given this reality there is a tendency to succumb to the world and give in to its insistent demands. People naturally do not want to hear what God has to say. The universal truth is that every human being (less Christ) is born with a sinful nature that is dead in trespasses and sins, are by nature objects of God’s wrath, and intrinsically separated from eternal life with God. 


However, in God’s court, people are justified, acquitted, declared innocent, and instead receive God’s approval, favor, and appease the judgment of God in light of the truth of Scripture, namely, people are reconciled to God on the basis of their repentance and faith alone – in Christ’s substitutionary death and atonement for their sins alone – and this imputed righteousness is a gift of God’s grace alone. 


Our mission is simple - to faithfully preach and teach God’s Word.  Our mission is not to compromise the truth of God’s Word to make it more acceptable to the world. 


Our mission is for men and women to encounter God’s unadulterated truth by teaching the Bible – one verse at a time. We are committed to truth because truth is what sets you free. Truth is what we preach today, it’s what we’ll preach tomorrow, it’s what we preach here at Truth Matters Church." 


– Pastor Alex