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Pastor Alex M Catarroja 

Alex M. Catarroja is the founder and pastor-teacher of Truth Matters Church (TMC). In 2003, Alex began his quest to find purpose and truth, and by God’s grace, came to faith in Jesus Christ that year. What captivated Alex then and to this day is the supreme importance of biblical truth. The emphasis of his teaching ministry is in the careful handling of God’s Word through expository verse-by-verse teaching and by employing a literal, grammatical, historical, and contextual approach to interpret Scripture. Namely, allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture by understanding it in its proper context and by properly synthesizing the text.


Alex attended Church of the Highlands in San Bruno from 2003-2015 and served in various ministries, including, jail ministry, teaching adult bible study classes, guest speaker for Men’s ministry, leading the Young Adult Ministry, and taking preaching assignments. Alex was ordained as a Pastor in 2013.

Alex attended multiple colleges from 2012-2014, including The Masters College (nka The Masters University). The most influential ministry that God used to shape Alex's passion for truth and importance of sound biblical teaching is Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA and their media ministry, Grace to You, led by Pastor-Teacher John F. Macarthur.  


In 2015, Alex felt called to start TMC and by faith opened up his home and started a home church in South San Francisco.

In 2017, Alex felt called to help a friend with his church plant in Rocklin, CA, and therefore, TMC was repurposed as Highlands Christian Church (HCC) where Alex served as Chairman and Pastor.

In 2020, HCC was dissolved and Alex remained as Chairman and Pastor, as well as, returned to featured speaker and teacher of TMC.  

In Alex’s current vocation, he works for a financial services firm as a professional since 2000. Alex and his wife, Liah, live in Rocklin, CA and have four (4) children: Alynna, Alex Jr., Aaliyah, and Alsaiah. 


Associate Pastor Jeremy Preece 

Early in life Jeremy had a passion and calling for reaching the unsaved and sharing the gospel through the use of radio and other audible media (Romans 10:17).  By God's grace he was blessed with a lifelong career at a Christian media ministry.

Over the years, Jeremy's love for the Scriptures deepened, which led him on a journey to focus on the expository study of the Word.  Jeremy first connected with Pastor Alex at Highlands Christian Church, and the two immediately struck up a rapport and friendship with their shared love of the Bible and their devotion to the careful study and handling of God's Word.

In 2020, Jeremy joined Pastor Alex in the relaunch of Truth Matters Church, primarily in the role of Associate Pastor and Media Director.  Jeremy is responsible for producing and publishing the TMC videos and podcasts, and also writes the weekly devotionals posted on the website and the church's Sermon Audio blog.

Jeremy is married with three children and one grandchild.

"God's Word is like a treasure chest," Jeremy says.  "There are many riches right on the surface, but when you take the time to dig deep and search carefully, you find the most precious jewels Scripture has to offer!"